Här på Tech-bloggen finns blandade små korn som rör tekniska ting.

Happy Anniversary — 25 years of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop 25 years of boxes

Few, if any, applications has changed our perception of reality as much as Adobe Photoshop. Now this amazing piece of software turns 25!


Getting social with Drupal

Drupal Service Links, Social media module

Finally pulled myself together and integrated social media sharing into my Drupal web site. Easy-peasy with the ServiceLinks module


Browse your Mac Zip files just like in Windows


As a Mac user you may have been envious of Windows users, who can just browse into Zip files just as easy as if they were a regular folder. Now Mac users can do the same


Export text from FileMaker, with unix line breaks

XSL for exporting FileMaker records as text, with unix line breaks

Strange as it may seem, FileMaker never bothered to put decent text export options in, that for example would let you choose the type of line break you want. Fortunately, there is a fix.

Horizontal tags for drupal – the right, inline, way

Drupal horizontal tags, inline tags

Suggestions on the Internet abound, about how to get your tags to line up horizontally. This is the easy way of doing it.

Remedy for an aging programmer: Increasing font size in BBEdit

BBEdit font size menu added by using scripts

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to increase/decrease font size in BBEdit? Well, now there is, and you can download the scripts for free.