Horizontal tags for drupal – the right, inline, way

Drupal horizontal tags, inline tags

While tweaking the looks on this site I decided to change the default display of Tags, from horizontal to vertical. As I had forgotten how I googled it and to my surprise an astonishing amount of really bad advice could be found among the top hits, including hacking core files.

I am sure there are times and cases where you have to do that, but I am equally sure that most would be much better of just changing their CSS. As the CSS files are dependent on your chosen theme I cannot tell you exactly where to find it, but the way you locate it is to inspect that element and get it's class name, then you loofk for it in your CSS file. If you haven't got it, you just add it, as you would any class/subclass.

This image will show you what my theme looks like after the necessary modifications.

Oh, and please be aware that CSS files are cached, so you will have to empty your caches before your changes takes effect.